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A whole new world

In times like these, we need the eucharist to shape our souls

The world is too much with us, on us, in us — beheadings and car bombs, hatred from militant Muslims, war and death, brutality and fear. Violence and retribution become expectation, the staple food of daily news, deadening sensibilities until they no longer shock us. Weariness descends, draining life of the vibrancy God intends.

And what does the church offer? One hopes more than an hour of tranquil avoidance, respite from a world where self-interest and power seem to shape all relations, person-to-person, group-to-group, nation-to-nation.

We need the vision of another world, a world more humane and godly that already penetrates and makes itself felt amid this one. Without this hope, we believers lose our distinctiveness and become indistinguishable from a world in which we are to be salt and light.

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