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End-of-life care

What does the ELCA say?

Q: Does the ELCA have a statement on end-of-life care, and do ELCA congregations participate in hospice care?

A: The ELCA has both a message on end-of-life decisions and a social statement, Caring for Health: Our Shared Endeavor.

We believe that while God doesn't always cure, God always heals. And as any of us enter into the final stages of our life on Earth, God is still busy healing us in anticipation of the resurrection.

Q: For a child to be baptized, is it a prerequisite that the parents be members of the church?

A: No. To use the words of our baptismal service, we believe baptism is a means of grace through which God joins us to the Lord Jesus ... and makes us members of the church that is the body of Christ.

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