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Where most babies die

The 10 countries where more mothers see their babies die before their first birthdays and where moms are most likely to die giving birth all are developing nations. More than 1 million infants and 70,000 teenage mothers die each year in developing countries, according to an annual report from Save the Children that ranks the well-being of mothers in 119 countries based on their health, education and political status.

"Girls are marrying and having children before they are emotionally and physically ready," said Charles MacCormack of Save the Children, a nonprofit humanitarian organization. "Alternatives to early marriage and motherhood must be made available if young girls are to survive and thrive."

The 10 countries where most babies and mothers die are: Niger, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mali, Guinea-Bissau, Chad, Sierra Leone, Yemen, Central African Republic and Mauritania.


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