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All are fair game in political season

With the presidential race in full swing, political pundits are everywhere. Including those who exaggerate the shape of John Kerry's head and the size of President Bush's ears: the cartoonists.

Ray Johnson, an ELCA pastor and cartoonist, says political cartoonists are all over the map — especially in this most polarized time. "I'm often surprised by the mean-spirited and mischaracterizing nature of some cartoons, both from the right and the left," he says. "Many cartoons, however, really seem to get at the core of some important issues that cry out for humor amid the seriousness of the topic."

Johnson says Bill Moyers has influenced him, especially the journalist's view that our nation is abandoning the poor and voiceless this political season.

"Government is being stripped of all its functions except rewarding the already rich and waging war," Johnson says, citing Moyers' article in Sojourners (August). "Moyers says the Religious Right has 'hijacked Jesus' while prophetic Christianity has lost its voice. He finds it strange and even outrageous that cultural religion has taken the side of the rich, seemingly not caring that Jesus proclaimed, 'The Lord has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor.' "


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