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Synod assembly reports

Minneapolis Area Synod
Northfield, Minn., June 4-5

• Asked the 2005 Churchwide Assembly to express solidarity with Christians and others who seek peace in the Holy Land.
• Directed its bishop to encourage congregations to use the Journey Together Faithfully materials from the ELCA Sexuality Studies Task Force and supplemental materials that "reflect the witness of Scripture and faith in the Lutheran-Christian tradition."
• Opposed any efforts to amend federal or state constitutions to "forbid the creation of legally recognized [same-sex] relationships."
• Defeated a resolution asking the ELCA to receive the report on human sexuality at the 2005 assembly and delay any vote on church polity or practice regarding sexuality.

Slovak Zion Synod
Union, N.J., June 25-27

•Celebrated its 85th year as a synod.
•Featured a mission festival, with workshops on such topics as resources for Christian education, sexuality and homosexuality, making a difference in Eastern Europe and reaching the next generation through worship.

Northwestern Pennsylvania Synod
Greenville, Pa., June 24-26

•Approved the first phase of a policy for employees and volunteers working with children and youth.
•Adopted an updated synod document on policy regarding sexual misconduct by clergy and rostered lay people.
• Asked members to contact their legislators, urging them to vote against slot- machine gambling in Pennsylvania.

Grand Canyon Synod
Las Vegas, June 10-12

• Adopted a Latino ministry strategy.
• Passed an evangelism strategy that commits the synod to pray for the renewal of the church, nurture evangelical leaders, train disciples, and develop new congregations in demographically growing and changing communities.
• Urged congregations to study and endorse "For People and Faith: An Urgent Call," a document that proposes steps to reduce nuclear danger.
• Resolved to offer prayers and support for the people of Haiti.
• Tabled a resolution on maintaining current ELCA policy regarding the ordination of "noncelibate (regardless of sexual orientation) clergy candidates" and to make no provision for blessing same-sex unions.


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