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Reactions to racism

Your February issue was the best ELCA-related effort on race that I've seen. There are a lot of race-related problems in the church, and we need more honest talk. I hope you will continue to cover this important topic.

David Raymond
Minneapolis, Minn.

Joseph A. Donnella's article on racism was superb. It's difficult to believe there are white Lutheran pastors who still equate "Lutheran theology" with Adolf Hitler's Germanization of the church. Any theology that brings in another god — in this case the god of racism — and erects its idol within the church is a polytheistic religion. Possibly the white pastors our brother met in Bible study need to check their altars for foreign objects. Any tacit silence about our competing gods equates to compliance. Any proclamation of the gospel that doesn't talk against the god of racism is not talking on behalf of the Christ who died "to dismantle the wall of hostility between Jews and Gentiles ... to make us one" (Ephesians 2:14).

Paul O. Bischoff
Chicago, Ill.

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