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A 'little United Nations'

At San Martín, St. Paul, inclusivity is a decision

Inspired by the life of a saint who ministered to the sick and poor, members of Iglesia Luterana San Martín de Porres, Allentown, Pa., named their ministry after him. Like Martín de Porres, this congregation works to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to people in times of pain, loss and confusion.

Often referred to by parishioners as the "little United Nations," San Martín de Porres' membership of 175 includes people from Colombia, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and other Spanish-speaking lands, as well as members with German heritage, including the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Recognized as a mission center by the ELCA Division for Outreach, the congregation is committed to congregational growth, an economic development plan, an ethnic-specific stewardship program, and a special program for Latino youth and children at risk.

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