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'The Miracle Maker': It's a marvel

The donkey Jesus rides into Jerusalem is made of clay — so are the palm branches and the people who wave them. So is Jesus. Here is a scene from the new claymation-animation movie of Christ's life, The Miracle Maker, which premiers Easter, April 23 (7-9 p.m. EDT), on ABC stations.

Viewers will be caught up in its marvelous creativity and storytelling. Some 260 different clay figures about 12 inches tall populate this first-century Palestine. A few change almost miraculously into animated characters for imaginative scenes — parables coming to life or for events of great awe such as the Crucifixion.

But this isn't only a movie for children. It is a compelling retelling of Jesus' ministry that is true to Scripture and engaging in spirit. The character of Judas, for example, is well-developed, rendering his betrayal of Jesus more understandable and painful than most dramatizations.

Ralph Fiennes is the voice of Jesus in this Cartwyn Cymru & Christmas Films Production. Julie Christie, William Hurt, Ian Holm and Miranda Richardson are among the actors who give voices to other characters.


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