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Long road to heal after Columbine

One incident after another is hampering the work to heal the Littleton, Colo., community after last year's shootings at Columbine High School. On Valentine's Day, two Columbine teens were shot and killed in a Littleton sandwich shop.

"The money was still in the cash register," says Carol Hacker, who coordinates the activity of ELCA Domestic Disaster Response and Lutheran Family Services of Colorado. With robbery discounted as a motive, many fear the shooter may be a disaffected student who could strike again.

"Each time the students, staff and congregations feel like we're getting our head above water, something happens," Hacker says. Lutheran efforts have centered around assisting the people who are helping community members cope.

The outpouring of support from ELCA churches and members has cheered the Lutheran congregations around Littleton, Hacker says, adding, "Continued prayers are welcome."


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