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'I think about returning'

"I try rallying my friends to go to church on Sunday because I don't like worshiping by myself," says Jim Poore, Salt Lake City. "We usually get as far as going out for breakfast." A flight attendant with Delta Airlines for 13 years, Jim is single. "When I'm at home in Helena on Easter, Christmas and other occasions, I worship at Our Redeemer," he says. "I read a lot, sometimes it's the Bible or religious books."

As a student at Concordia College, "I attended chapel three times a week and went to church off campus in Moorhead [Minn.] on Sundays," says Jim, a 1984 graduate.

Jim fondly recalls confirmation at Our Redeemer and Luther League, led by Jim and Joan Haubein. "Pastor Anderson was caring and sensitive," he says. "I'm still in touch with the Haubeins. They were wonderful leaders. They attended my grandma's funeral.

"To Grandma it was scandalous not to attend church on Sunday. Her death makes me think about returning."


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