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'We grow together'

Lisa Johnson Miller worships at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Janesville, Wis., but she still likes to visit friends at West Koshkonong in Stoughton.

"Church is important to me," she says. "I'm involved in the moms' group. I participate in the prayer chain and serve as a volunteer sacramental assistant coordinator. I'm also active in the choir and attend church nearly every Sunday. Church is a place to grow together with others and learn more about Christ.

"I've completed the Divine Drama Bible study series. Learning more about our faith draws us together. Our pastor is great and never fails to encourage us to read God's word."

Lisa is glad she attended confirmation but says it hasn't been a major factor in her faith life. Confirmation was a period of confusion for her because several pastors served her congregation during those years. Classes were often disorganized, she says. Still, Lisa has fond memories of youth opportunities such as overnight parties.

She likes her current church's confirmation program, where parents and students attend classes together. The Divine Drama series is a prominent feature in the courses. "Our approach is wonderful," she says. "Most of the parents come, and we learn together."

Lisa says she never left the church to find religion on her own. During her years at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, she participated in campus Bible studies. She met her husband, Scott, at a Bible study and has always been a regular worshiper at Lutheran services.

"When I participated in campus Bible studies, I realized how much I liked studying the Bible," she says. "Being on my own in college for the first time in my life made me want to become active in a church program.

"I keep a prayer journal, and I'm active with our church's youth. We have cleaned the homes of poor and disabled people. This has improved the self-esteem of everyone involved. There needs to be a strong youth program in churches, one that involves a strong service component."


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