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On drug patrol

Chuck Blanchard works to stop kids from starting

"We want kids to know that four out of five teenagers never use drugs. It's not a normal thing to do." Blanchard is chief legal official of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. "We want kids to know that they aren't alone in not getting involved with drugs," he says.

It's part of Blanchard's job to make that happen. The drug control office coordinates all federal anti-drug programs. And it's the way this Arizona Lutheran, who was appointed to the position last summer, lives out his faith. "What we're doing at this office positively affects people's lives," he says. "What I find fulfilling is looking at real human beings, real families and knowing I make a difference in their lives."

Now he's hopeful about the impact of the office's $200 million campaign aimed at grade-school students and their parents that is running this month in a dozen cities. "We get a defeatist attitude toward drugs," he says. "We think we can't possibly beat the problem. But the reality is that we can."

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