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Finding our way home

Churches cab lead in recreating community

Through successes and failures, Bethel New Life has always stuck to "the three Gs" that Nelson calls the cornerstones of community:

1. Glue — "This is the church in worship on Sunday morning. It holds us together when ageism, classism and racism threaten to pull us apart."

2. Gasoline — "This is the fuel from God's vision and it juices us up for the long haul. Nothing we tackle is easy, and this is where we get our creativity."

3. Guts — "This is the willingness to take risks, make tough decisions, put our lives and assets on the line."

The key, Nelson emphasizes, is to "think of gifts, not needs. Community-building should be asset-based. It's easier in a community like ours. The spirit is there. A lot of people sit on their front porches. They're not withdrawing into a gated community."

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