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ELCA colleges Lutheran?

Heritage seen as 'rich' or 'parochial'

I'm writing about "Still Lutheran?" (November, page 56). At Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Wash., our shortened motto is "Educating for lives of service," a very Lutheran insight into vocation in the world. The Lutheran tradition requires high literacy, willingness to digest new ideas and love. This is much more difficult than the consumer culture to which we're accustomed. The Lutheran heritage is a challenge worth keeping.

Sean Howell, junior
Pacific Lutheran University

When my oldest son toured a Jesuit school during the college selection process, I asked whether he'd have pressure to convert to Catholicism. I was told there'd be no pressure but that courses were taught from a Jesuit perspective because, "If we weren't sharing that perspective, we wouldn't be doing our job." I'd love to see Lutheran schools have as clear an understanding of their stewardship.

Gary R. Jepsen
Federal Way, Wash.

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