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Casserole bank

St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church in Mechanicsburg, Pa., started the equivalent of a frozen food bank to help people and families who can't cook for themselves. Members contribute casseroles, breads and desserts to a community freezer. They are there when needs arise.

Here are some tips for starting a frozen-meal bank:

  • Start with no more than five meals and keep inventory. Date and label all foods (include cooking instructions) and use them within a month.

  • Use newsletters, meetings or prayer chains to call for more meals as needed.

  • Share ideas of casseroles and main dishes that freeze well. Don't forget bread, coffee cake and dessert.

  • Tape a caring message or a favorite Bible passage to the container.

  • M.J. Smith, a registered dietician and cookbook author, is a member of St. John Lutheran Church, Guttenberg, Iowa.


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