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Meet Brent Dahlseng

He's the pastor in charge of prayer for the ELCA, a new position in the Division for Congregational Ministries. "The church recognized that our culture is changing so dramatically," says Brent Dahlseng about the creation of his job. "People are yearning for spirituality. It's a great opportunity."

Dahlseng hopes to work with congregations to create "schools of prayer" in which members commit to make prayer central in everything that happens within their ministry. For church councils, for example, that would mean more time for biblical reflection and prayer and forming prayer partnerships between members. "Prayer is truly the business of our churches," he says.

In May he will lead a workshop for congregations and staff in the three Ohio synods about setting up such prayer schools. He's also working across the ELCA to form a network of congregations already involved in prayer projects. "I hope they'll become trainers," he says, "multiplying anything I can do."

To discuss growing your congregation's prayer ministries with Dahlseng, call (773) 380-2682 ore-mail brent.dahlseng@elca.org.




Posted at 1:46 pm (U.S. Eastern) 7/6/2010

I have a prayer group (5 years) and I am always looking for ways to get us moving, ways to grow and change.  I have read your book - can't remember the name right now.  We have done Elizabeth Alves, R.A.Torrey, Matt Williams DVD on Prayers of Jesus, and now doing Michael Foss's books on Discipleship. 

I am supported by our Pastor but not much guidance.   Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated. 

Ruth Pfaff 

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