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Julie Statius-Muller (left) begins most days with some quiet moments in "Sacred Space" by logging on to www.sacredspace.ie. "This way I can remember the meditation during the rest of the day," says Statius-Muller, who supervises the computer lab at Mamaroneck [N.Y.] High School. Produced by Irish Jesuits, the site offers a guide through a session of prayer in six stages: the presence of God, freedom, consciousness, the word, conversation and conclusion.

A screen note reassures first-time visitors: "It might seem strange to pray at your computer, in front of a screen, especially if there are other people around you or distracting noises. But God is everywhere, all around us, constantly reaching out to us, even in the most unlikely situations."

Statius-Muller points out, "Fabulous as the site is, I only truly benefit from it because I'm a member of a real live church — St. John, Mamaroneck — with real people. Also, the great instruction I've gotten from Lutheran pastors all these years enriches my use of this Internet prayer site."


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