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Where flags fly

Where should the Confederate flag fly? One ELCA synod bishop joined 46,000 marchers in Columbia, S.C., to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday Jan. 17 and protest the Confederate flag waving atop the statehouse dome.

South Carolina Synod Bishop David Donges participated because of his commitment to stand in solidarity with bishops of other denominations and to represent the synod, which twice by resolution has called for removal of the flag. "No nonsovereign flag should fly over a seat of government," Donges says. "It simply isn't appropriate. I'm for the Confederate flag having a place of honor elsewhere on the grounds. But just not on the dome." He called the march courteous and orderly and noted the "wonderful spirit" he saw that day.

Debate over the flag's presence continues. The NAACP began an economic boycott of the state Jan. 1 because many African Americans see the flag as racist.


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