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Editor Lehmann dies

Helmut T. Lehmann, 84, a seminary professor and scholar who edited the American Edition of Luther's Works, died April 6 in Camden, Maine.

His work with volumes 31-55 and development of the Facet Book Series (1962-1973) helped establish Fortress Press' worldwide reputation as a publisher of serious academic works.

A native of Tacoma, Wash., Lehmann served as president of Waterloo [Ontario] Lutheran College and Seminary; book editor at Muhlenberg Press, Philadelphia, publishing house of the former United Lutheran Church in America; editor-in-chief of Fortress Press of the former Lutheran Church in America; and history professor at the Lutheran Seminary at Philadelphia before retiring in 1984. He then worked on translating two volumes on Henry Melchior Muhlenberg's correspondence.

He is survived by his widow, Alice; two sons; two brothers; and two grandchildren.


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