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For the record January 2001

Board of Pensions trustees
Minneapolis, Nov. 3-5

* Adopted a new pension strategy, effective in 2003, that will consolidate the regular and optional pension plans; offer more investment options; add more flexible retirement options; and include an education program to help members become more financially literate.

* Approved a 2001 budget of $50.6 million.

* Heard about a proposed full-time staff person, to be located in the ELCA Division for Ministry but funded by the pension unit, who will direct a health and wellness project.

* Learned preliminary details of a return-to-work pilot project to support plan members on disability as they return to active employment.

Augsburg Fortress, Publishers, board
Minneapolis, Oct. 12-14

* Adopted a strategy to acquire related businesses, evaluating companies for acquisition using such criteria as identity, mission, theological integrity and market need.

* Endorsed a management proposal to form "iAFP," a separate not-for-profit corporation to house the publisher's Internet operations.


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