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For Zachary Carter, the two are 'seamlessly embedded'

The baby grand piano is the first thing you see in the living room of Zachary Carter's 90-year-old house in New Rochelle, N.Y., and it's played a big part in his family's life.

Zach's mother gave him piano lessons when he was young. Now he watches as Chandler, his 6-year-old daughter who has been taking lessons for more than two years, races to give an impromptu concert. She has only a few minutes between getting her picture taken and going with friends to see Pokemon: The First Movie, but she manages to squeeze in Ode to Joy and a few other standards. Zach and Rosalind, his wife, surround Chandler on the bench, quietly encouraging her and then clapping at the finale.

But one instrument is even more important to Zachary Carter: the law.

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