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April 1998 Letters: Missouri loves company?

Editorial on relations with Lutheran Church Missouri Synod draws sharp responses

If the LCMS is to be criticized for electing "increasingly conservative leaders," does this mean that the ELCA is to be criticized for electing increasingly liberal leaders? Must the editor (February, page 58) resort to ad hominem attacks to defend his church's decision to enter into full communion with non-Lutheran churches? Ironically, in the same issue it's reported that some United Church of Christ congregations "are trying other formulas" for baptism instead of what our Lord commanded, in the name of the Trinity (page 43). In light of such facts, is it any wonder the LCMS believes that the ELCA's ecumenical decisions are wrong and a significant impediment to Lutheran unity?

Paul T. McCain
Assistant to the LCMS president
St. Louis, Mo.

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