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What will become of us?

Easter unleashes forces beyond our knowing

We often fret about our future, worried about how we are going to cope with all the problems that confront us. We wonder how we'll keep the church alive in an age of secularism. We worry about our children's behavior. We wonder what will become of us.

We are like the women who loved Jesus and came to the tomb wondering how they would roll away that massive stone. But when they got there, the barrier had been removed. While they slept, forces beyond their knowing had been at work.

Augustine once observed that beforehand, the future seems to depend totally on us and what we do. But in retrospect we realize that God's hand holds us every step of the way. How many stones have been rolled away to smooth our path? Death itself seems like an impenetrable wall as we face it, but our Lord promises that death has become transparent to God's power. One day we will look back and see that it was so.

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