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Final reckoning

Somewhere in the world a hungry child is eating today because of Fritz Seipelt

"If anyone is called by God to lift up this concern it's Fritz. He is a kind-hearted gentleman who shows what God can do with an ordinary human being. Fritz isn't a sophisticated guy. He simply cares and gets things done."

Under Seipelt's leadership the synod has given more than $3 million to world hunger and at one time was averaging about $250,000 a year. "It's not all me," he says. "We've always had a strong synod committee."

But Seipelt's persistence when facing resistance certainly plays a role. Even in his congregation Seipelt sees hunger appeal offering envelopes on which a worshiper has scrawled, "Take care of our own people first."

"I tell them the poorest of our poor fare much better than the majority of people in developing countries," Seipelt says. "There is a vast difference. I've seen it, and once you have ...."

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