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If I were rich ...

If they became instantly rich, most Americans would spend their money first on practical choices rather than luxuries, according to a Lutheran Brotherhood nationwide survey conducted among 1,000 adults by Yankelovich Partners.

Here's how people responded:

  • Home: 31 percent.
  • Education for self or children: 30 percent.
  • Vacation: 10 percent.
  • Car: 9 percent.
  • Help children/family members: 3 percent.
  • Charity: 2 percent.
  • Hire household help: 2 percent.
  • Boat: 2 percent.
  • Invest: 1 percent.
  • Clothes or jewelry: 1 percent.

Generation Xers would be the most likely to buy a home first. People living in urban areas would be almost twice as likely as those in rural areas to buy a home first.

The survey also showed that money dropped on the sidewalk wouldn't stay there for long. Most Americans are likely to pick up change or dollar bills from the sidewalk. Interestingly, people with higher salaries are just as likely to do so except when it comes to pennies.


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