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More than a word

ADVANCE is more than just a word. It's a philosophy. And it's an acronym: Avoiding Domestic Violence/Affirming Nonviolent Creative Efforts.

Begun in 1988 by David Houseal, a case manager for Lutheran Social Services of South Central Pennsylvania, ADVANCE helps men who are batterers develop alternative ways of interacting with women, children and others.

Whether they volunteer or are court-ordered to enter the program, men sign a contract to attend weekly meetings for 26 weeks. Led by both male and female facilitators, meetings educate men about abuse--physical abuse, sexual abuse, intimidation, coercion and threats, as well as minimization, denial and blaming. Men view videos, discuss their actions and feelings, and complete homework assignments revolving around their need for power and control and letting go of it.


  • ADVANCE, LSS-South Central Pennsylvania,1050 Pennsylvania Ave., York, PA 17404-1999; (717) 848-6238.

  • Men Stopping Violence, 1020 DeKalb Ave., #25, Atlanta, GA 30307; (404) 688-1375.

  • Building Bridges: Men Dealing Constructively with Anger is an eight-session resource that helps men find new ways of relating with others (Augsburg Fortress, 800-328-4648; leader guide, code No. 69-1251; participant guide, 69-1250).

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