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A 'light-bulb ministry'

Overseas medical facilities thrive because Global Health Ministries begs

It's evening at Selian Hospital near Arusha, Tanzania. Hospital employees have worked a long day. They've just gotten word that a 10-ton steel shipping container, jam-packed with medical equipment and supplies, has arrived from Minneapolis. "Opening these containers is a lot like kids at Christmas," says Mark Jacobson, ELCA missionary and a staff physician at Selian. "We're all so excited. We know some of what's coming, but there are always surprises too."

Surprises are part of the fun for the staff and volunteers at Global Health Ministries, located in a machine shop-turned-warehouse in Minneapolis. A nonprofit grass-roots organization, which works closely with the ELCA Division for Global Mission, GHM provides financial and material support to Lutheran health-care mission programs in nearly 20 developing countries.

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