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Art for the heart

Paintings of the Prodigal Son invite us deeper into God's story and ours

The story, from Luke 15:11-32, is about grief and joy, the grief of a parent for a lost child, and the despair of that child for a lost home. It's about an older son who can't share the father's joy when the lost returns home. And it's about a father whose joy can't be complete until all the children return and know the fullness of his heart, including those who never left home.

Don't just look at the pictures in this section. Enter them. Walk into the scene. Imagine what the figures are saying, doing and feeling. Imagine what happened just before and after that which is pictured.

And notice what moves in your heart. Is something in you touched? Challenged? Does something long for healing? Do desires and hungers bubble up that yearn to be prayed to God, who is inviting lost and neglected parts of your life to come home?

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