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Hard hats and scavengers

Try these projects in 2000

Before we get too caught up in the new millennium, let's look back at 1999. Maybe these ideas will work for your group.

At St. John Lutheran Church, Ocean City, N.J., work became play and play was work during Bible school. With an "Under Construction" theme, youth became "crew members" and adults "engineers."

The Bible story was presented in dramatic form each day. Musical activities tied together the Bible theme and work. Crew members then rotated between job sites to learn from the "engineers." The sites included the "hard hat" area for crafts and the "survey" zone for storytelling.

At the end of the week, the crew had built a shed for a new Habitat for Humanity house in Palermo, N.J.

Habitat also benefited from a project at Trinity Lutheran Church, Hemet, Calif. The youth held a scavenger hunt and collected enough food, toiletries and cleaning supplies to fill two 30-gallon trash bins. They also hosted a tea and fashion show. They made finger sandwiches, served tea and punch, and modeled clothes from a local store. Between ticket sales and a matching Lutheran Brotherhood donation, they raised $1,516 for Habitat.

Youth at Maple Grove [Minn.] Lutheran Church have found several ways to help others. Their 1999 projects included donating socks for homeless people; making Valentine cards for a Veterans Administration Hospital; collecting $850 for the ELCA World Hunger Appeal; gathering food for Easter baskets; and decorating 55 shoeboxes filled with toiletries for Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota.

That's a few ideas. We're ready to hear what you do in 2000!


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