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Do you have Lutheran roots?

(Editor's note: Aid Association for Lutherans and Lutheran Brotherhood merged to form Thrivent in 2001. You may continue to find genealogy information at Thrivent's Web site.)

Folks with ancestors who have been baptized, married and buried as members of Lutheran churches here in the United States or in an overseas "homeland" have a Web site just for them. "Lutheran Roots" Genealogy Exchange is offered as a feature through the Aid Association for Lutherans' home page.

As many as 500 entries a month are made to the site, which delights Becky Bestul, director of Internet marketing and service for the Appleton, Wis., fraternal organization. "Part of our mission is to bring Lutherans together," she says. "We're happy to provide the 'community' that allows folks to get together."

The site opened in 1996 with just a message board where people ask and answer genealogy questions and share research tips. A family registry, added last year, is the spot to post your family name and search for others with the same or similar name.

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