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Giving and receiving

Arizona youth teach Bible school at a Navajo reservation

Youth from Love of Christ Lutheran Church, Mesa, Ariz., know they touch lives.   They see it in the faces of the Navajo children who come running to attend Bible school.

For 11 years, Love of Christ has sent a team to the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission, Rock Point, Ariz. Last year 170 Navajo children were transported from miles around each day for a morning of Bible stories, crafts and recreation. About 20 women also came for Bible study and crafts.

Do the Mesa youth make a difference? They think so. They shared this example:

One day someone stole a watch and ring.

The next day, Moses Thompson was teaching the senior high class the Lord's Prayer. When they came to "lead us not into temptation," Moses realized that one young man didn't understand. After he gave an example of temptation, the youth said, "You mean like stealing?"

Stealing also came up when the junior high class discussed the Ten Commandments. The next day a junior high girl returned the watch and ring, which the senior high youth had taken.

"It was awesome to think about how God used us," Moses said.

The Mesa youth know they received as much as they gave. Not only did they share the gospel and love but all felt that their faith had been strengthened.


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