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2000 and beyond

We can depend on God's timing

The year 2000 has gotten lots of publicity. I didn't stockpile food, clothing or money. I wasn't worried about computer complexities either. And I won't play the game of would-be prophet. Enough has happened in history to keep people in this present time on tiptoes regarding Jesus' return. God could pull down the curtain on the world right now, and none of us could shout, "That's not fair; you should've warned us."

I like the example of the person who always went to the window before turning in for the night, saying, "Perhaps tonight, Lord. Perhaps tonight." In the morning the individual arose and went to the window, saying, "Perhaps today, Lord. Perhaps today." No hysteria. Just a quiet, respectful expectation. I like the abbreviation G2K: Not for you to know but for God to know. It's only God's timing that's perfect. We can depend on that. 


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