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Sears picks Garrett 'KidHero'

Garrett Russell's good deed didn't go unnoticed. In 1997 the 8-year-old member of Trinity Lutheran Church, Midland, Mich., collected $30,000 worth of toys — with help from his Sunday school friends — for more than 1,000 children whose Grand Forks, N.D., homes were damaged in the Red River floods. His story was reported in the national media, including The Lutheran (December 1997). Sears Roebuck & Co. not only took notice, the retailer named Garrett a winner of its KidHero campaign and gave him $2,000 — to give away.

Sears' only requirement was that the money be assigned to a charity. Garrett chose Lutheran Social Services of Michigan, Detroit. He used $1,200 to buy toys and sports equipment for children of a Midland family whose house was destroyed in a gas explosion.

What's next for Garrett? He's featured on the February page in the KidHero 2000 calendar. And he plans to start a national group, "Kids Helping Kids."


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