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Making a difference in New Haven

Yale University students find joy in a tutoring program

Only 4 percent of the students in one New Haven, Conn., elementary school meet state reading goals. A nearby school has only 6 percent who meet those goals.

"We have kids in those schools," said Ruth A. Drews, pastor of Iglesia Luterana Resureccion, New Haven. She started a tutoring program shortly after arriving in the area 12 years ago. "It was so obvious to me that there was such an incredible need to bolster and augment the teaching taking place in the public schools," she said.

Luther House — the Lutheran campus ministry at nearby Yale University — stepped in to help. About 20 Yale students tutor 20 elementary youth on a one-to-one basis. The neighborhood children are brought to Resureccion where the Yale students help them with homework and special projects.

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