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February 1998 Letters: Hot debate on global warming

Is the 'greenhouse effect' a real threat or environmentalists' fantasy?

Apocalypse," global warming, lions and tigers and bears. Oh, my! When The Lutheran publishes an article, it should make it perfectly clear that the story, as written, is one-sided and not balanced with opposing viewpoints. The article by Rob Blezard (December, page 26) is filled with typical Eco-Communist, tree-hugger catch phrases and reports of fringe scientists who seemingly know the future. The facts are that since the inception of scientific record-keeping of weather statistics some 150 years ago the globe's average temperature has actually decreased. Our forests in the United States have doubled in size since the presidential term of George Washington. And one volcano can spew out more greenhouse pollutants than all the cars in the world. There are many valid viewpoints that need to be addressed in this global warming debate before we start turning our lives and livelihood over to governments and eco-do-gooders who possibly have other agendas besides the glorious preservation of nature.

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