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Uncomplicated evangelism

Nourishment, not packaging, is the key

Evangelism isn't complicated; it's just good news. Often that good news begins with a message about a welcoming congregation. That's a good start. But it is neither all the news nor the heart of the news.

In this Epiphany season we get to the point. The story is about Jesus Christ — his life, his teaching, his mighty works, his death and resurrection. Each Sunday we hear a little more of the news as the lessons of the church year take us through the story again. None of us can guess what part of that story will become good news for the people who hear it, but we know from our experience that it happens. The members of All Saints are bringing people to the place where they can hear that transforming story.

We in the church are like John the Baptist. People may flock to see us, but we need to tell them that we aren't the end of their search. We point beyond ourselves to the One who is greater than we are, the One who can save them — not just teach or entertain them.

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