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A huge network with heart

The term "one of the ELCA's best-kept secrets" has been applied to several ELCA ministries or events. But in the case of our social ministry organizations, this really fits.

Many of you know about your local Lutheran nursing home or Lutheran Social Services. But do you know that the ELCA has more than 250 organizations that care for people from birth through retirement? Programs range from foster home placement to food pantries and homeless shelters and on to the full continuum of senior living. In addition there are AIDS ministries, prison ministries and refugee resettlement agencies.

The ELCA and the Lutheran Church­Missouri Synod just last year created an alliance of social ministry organizations. Lutheran Services in America serves 2 million people, delivering $3 billion in services annually. It's the country's largest charitable network in terms of monetary resources.

In this issue we look at just one of the church's many creative ministries. Turn to page 48 and discover a place in Pittsburgh that sees aging as a normal stage of life and not a disease, a place that tries to keep seniors as independent and fully functioning as is possible--a place where seniors really are valued.

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