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Terrorism and war

Readers express dis-ease

I was shocked and angered that there was no mention in The Lutheran's October issue of the events of Sept. 11. I want to know what the ELCA is doing in this time of tragedy and turmoil and what I can do to help. I found some information on your Web site (www.thelutheran.org) and am grateful.

Paul Allen
Hobart, Ind.

(As you saw in the November issue and again in this issue the ELCA is heavily involved, and you can help too. Unfortunately, the October issue already was printed by Sept. 11, but our Web site section on terrorism was up and updated daily beginning Sept. 18. — Ed.)

How long will the church stay silent on the war-mongering that's happening in the United States? War isn't the answer. It is in itself a terrorist attack. A church that puts its trust in peace and love toward enemies cannot stand back and not speak out on the direction our government is taking. If a viable voice decries the war efforts, others will rally. I don't think the U.S. citizenry have forgotten so easily the Vietnam War.

Sondra L. Sperati
Heemstede, Netherlands

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