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February 1998 Churchscan

  • More than 30 members ofSt. Paul Lutheran Church, Morgantown, W.Va., raised $1,150 for the Alzheimer's Association through the Memory Walk. The St. Paul group placed first for most money raised in the team category.

  • A bake-off for hunger was sponsored by St. Paul Lutheran Church, Warren, Ohio, as part of its vacation Bible school. Money was raised through registering favorite recipes, then participants purchased copies of the recipes they liked.

  • St. John Lutheran Church, Sidney, Ohio, opened Welcome Home, a full-time counseling center specializing in drug and alcohol dependency. The center, which is partially supported by the church, is open to anyone, and payment for counseling is on a sliding scale.

  • Members of Evergreen [Colo.] Lutheran Church held its annual Grove (garage) Sale, raising a record-breaking $6,540 directly and receiving $5,700 in matching funds from Aid Association for Lutherans. The proceeds from the sale will benefit the Mountain Family Project, a not-for-profit organization in Conifer, Colo., that serves needy residents.

     St. Paul Lutheran Church, Castle Rock, Wash., provided outfits for 113 children at its fifth annual Kids Clothes Closet. Volunteers sorted, washed and distributed two outfits of used clothes for each child, along with a package of new underwear and socks. The project also included 65 coupons for shoes at a nearby store. The congregation also hosts Thrifty Nifty Cooking Classes for youth ages 9 to 11.

  • Members of Euclid [Ohio] Lutheran Church are buying bricks for a baptismal garden outside the church building. Each brick contains a name and baptism date.

  • Using a grant, St. Mark Lutheran Church, Lacey, Wash., hosted a training session for Russians from Khabarovsk Children's Hospital. The Russians were trained in the use of oximeters, a instrument that continuously measures the oxygen circulating in the blood. St. Mark and members of First Lutheran Church, Tacoma, Wash., invited the Russians to church activities and gave them city tours.

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