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December 2001 For the Record

Commission for Women steering committee
Chicago, Oct. 12-14

• Developed a resolution expressing support for the ELCA "Decade for Nonviolence," which calls for a response to terrorism that seeks "justice through legal, diplomatic and other nonviolent means so as to enhance human security and prevent further loss of life."
 • Encouraged all ELCA divisions to take a fresh look at the church's resources on the ordination of women and leadership for women in the church, especially theological resources.

Women of the ELCA board
Chicago, Oct. 18-21
• Announced that its annual gift to the ELCA is $606,938, including additional funds of $30,000 to help bring the gift closer to the $700,000 budgeted figure.
• Adopted a 2002 budget of $3,661,438 although expenditures are anticipated at $3,685,810. That leaves a $24,372 deficit or "challenge factor," said Cathi Braasch, unit director, who said the unit would reach its goal of a balanced budget in 2003.
• Discussed in executive session preparations for choosing a successor to Braasch, who steps down Aug. 31, 2002.

Division for Church in Society board
Baltimore, Oct. 18-20

Approved a message on "Commercial Sexual Exploitation" and sent it to the ELCA Church Council for adoption.
Authorized printing and distribution of the first draft of the proposed social statement "Our Ministry of Healing: Health and Health Care Today."
Approved a protocol for managing the ELCA study on homosexuality and aspects of the social statement on human sexuality, both mandated by the 2001 Churchwide Assembly. Requested the Church Council to authorize an initial expenditure of $250,000 for the project, including provision for a full-time study director.
Affirmed partnership in the initiation of state public policy offices in North Carolina and South Carolina.
Issued "Citizenship in a Time of Crisis," an appeal to ELCA congregations "to nurture members for constructive and critical participation in public affairs at this unsettled time."

Division for Global Mission board
Techny, Ill., Oct. 18-20

Called upon the ELCA Church Council to urge congregations and individuals to: affirm the church's outreach to Sept. 11 victims through ELCA Domestic Disaster Response, reflect on the tragedy and its aftermath "in light of the root causes of poverty and violence in the world," seek counsel from companion churches worldwide, work to prevent anti-Muslim harassment or attacks, and increase support for the World Hunger Appeal and Stand With Africa, "mindful of the increased global needs as a result of Sept. 11."
Asked the Church Council to instruct churchwide units to "prepare or enhance the availability of user-friendly congregational resources" on Islam, Christian-Muslim dialogue, the Palestine-Israel conflict and peace.
Requested that the Church Council call upon government agencies to intensify nonmilitary measures to counter terrorism, affirm the provision of humanitarian aid to displaced people and refugees from Afghanistan, and call for increased U.S. foreign assistance to address the root causes of hunger and violence.
Approved a foundational statement for the board that will guide planning and implementation of the ELCA's commitment to the well-being and full participation of women in a global context.

Division for Ministry board
Chicago, Oct. 12-14

•  Approved a six-point "Protocol for Managing the ELCA Churchwide Study on Homosexuality and Aspects of the Social Statement on Human Sexuality."
Asked the Office of the Presiding Bishop to supply semiannual reports on the number of exceptions to Called to Common Mission ordination requirements granted by each synod bishop.


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