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Lutherans respond to floods

Members of Mariposa [Calif.] Lutheran Church, near Yosemite Park, are reaching out after floods soaked the area.

The church is working with the local ministerial fellowship to provide emergency housing. Through the food box program, led by Pat Maxwell, and the Salvation Army, headed by Bob Coulombe, members also are handing out food, clothing and vouchers for propane gas. Some members are repairing damage in the park.

Roger Matlock, a sheriff, helped with rescue efforts, and Delores Hahn organized entertainment for people marooned in Simi Valley.

Since the area relies heavily on tourism dollars, Paul Theiss, Mariposa's pastor, said people are concerned about the long-term economic effects from the flood.

In other efforts, Lutheran Disaster Response issued $15,000 for flood relief. To help, send checks to Lutheran Domestic Disaster Fund, PO Box 71764, Chicago IL 60694-1764.


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