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Mary Owens, pastor of Salem Lutheran Church, Brooklyn, N.Y., was assaulted in January. A man asked Owens, who was six months pregnant, if he could come inside the church and talk about a problem. Once inside he asked for money and jewelry. When Owens said she had none, he demanded to be let into the sanctuary. When Owens attempted to get outside, the man pushed her down the stairs and ran outside. Owens recuperated at home after two days of hospitalization. At presstime, no one had been arrested.

All aboard! The Train Campaign is coming down the tracks at Lutheran Church of Our Savior, Baton Rouge, La. The "train ride" is actually a fund-raising effort to help pay off the mortgage from the ELCA Mission Investment Fund in Chicago. A map with a train heading from Baton Rouge to Chicago was hung in the social hall with pins designating the status of the ride. When members "buy a ticket" the train chugs closer to Chicago-and a paid off mortgage. Now in its third year the campaign has reduced the balance by $100,000.

To increase interest in Holy Week activities, Mount Hope Lutheran Church, Pontiac, Mich., enclosed a special item in the newsletter describing the week's services and explaining the significance of each day. They also set up a display in its narthex. On Wednesday, for example, a figurine of a rooster and and a small pouch with 30 pieces of silver, symbolizing Peter's denial of Christ, were added to the display.

Instead of filling out pledge cards St. Luke Lutheran Church, Waukesha, Wis., distributed faith cards. Members filled out cards reflecting their commitment to God. The statements were sealed in envelopes and sent to each member in the fall. Without pledge cards, the finance committee relied on a faith budget. Despite not knowing how much money would be given, offerings increased. The committee looked at past budgets and how much giving increased each year to develop the 1997 projections.

College students are being adopted at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Rose City, Mich. During the school year members send a monthly care package of goodies and a personal note, letting the students from the congregation know they are missed.

At Lutheran Church of the Reformation, St. Louis Park, Minn., Tuesday night is kids' night. As part of a citywide effort to put children first, high school student Karen Metzger organized a Tuesday night baby-sitting service. Neighborhood parents can drop off their children for three hours for $1. The program was mentioned in a recent issue of U.S. News & World Report.

The youth of Mount Cross Lutheran Church, Camarillo, Calif., held a mock election for president on Nov. 5. Lucky for Clinton it was not the real thing. Of the 189 ballots cast, the Clinton/Gore ticket received 55 votes, compared to 79 for Dole/Kemp.

It's rare that good news comes from a flood. But at Messiah Lutheran, Racine, Wis., the congregation used its insurance money after a recent flood to refurbish and carpet the basement, turning it into a much-needed area child-care center.


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