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What's killing your soul at work?

Readers' letters reveal common workplace problems

An incompetent or abrasive co-worker, a domineering boss, a nagging sense that you're not making a difference--these experiences were common among the three dozen who responded to our question: What's killing your soul at work? (See "5 ways to save your soul at work," The Lutheran, January 1997, pages 20-21.)

We put your questions to John Scherer, director of the Center for Work and the Human Spirit in Spokane. Scherer, a former Lutheran pastor and a member of St. Mark Lutheran Church, Spokane, Wash., helps companies and individuals find ways to nourish joy and purpose in the workplace. He was so moved by your letters that he is considering making this topic the subject of his next book. The following excerpts from your letters express four common frustrations followed by Scherer's response.

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