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Are you ready for 'St. Football'?

How Super Sunday snuck into your pastor's calendar


Every mid-October thousands of Lutheran pastors of various stripes receive a valuable gift from Aid Association for Lutherans--the Lutheran Pastor's Desk Diary. That important book, plus the prodding of dedicated husbands and wives, keeps things humming on schedule in our congregations.

Upon receiving this valued book, which is bound in appropriate ecclesiastical red, many pastors jot down known dates for the year of the Lord soon to be born. Being no different than many, I proceeded to do exactly that the day after the book arrived. When I reached January's two-page spread, I noticed the diary carries the important intelligence that on Jan. 25, 1998, the church observes the Super Bowl. Was this an innovation? Checking last year's diary I discovered that not only was Jan. 26 identified as Super Bowl Sunday but the location of the big event was specified--New Orleans.

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