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I'll never forget them

My best friend Sara introduced me to the church. I wasn't worshiping anywhere. But when she offered to take me to her church, I went with her. I loved it. I felt very welcome. So I continued to go and was confirmed in October 1995. I became an active member of the church and was involved in youth activities.

But it didn't stop there. Pastor Seth Jersild was there for all the youth when we needed him. He challenged me and made me examine my faith. He made an impact. Because of him I was able to understand and grow closer to God.

Pastor Seth also took us to work camps. In July 1996 our youth group traveled to North Carolina to fix up houses for people who couldn't do it themselves or afford it. This program was created to help people in need and to provide a faith-building experience for youth.

My life changed dramatically. I learned that God forgives--and forgives me. I met people that changed my life and formed friendships that will last forever. I grew closer to my youth group and to God. The one thing my pastor said that will never leave me is that God loves me and so does he. I know he means it.

Sara, Pastor Seth and group work camps gave me my faith. I'll never forget them or what they have done for me.


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