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Kristin can

It's always been interesting to watch my daughter Kristin. When she first rolled over at 7 weeks, I thought, "OK, they said she wasn't going to do this for a long time, so I'm going to wait until Kristin says she can't do something."

I told that to my pediatrician. He said we hadn't accepted that she has Down syndrome and were trying to pretend that things were OK. I said, "No, things are OK because Kristin has always been one of those people who reach out and try things."

And I see what she's done. She's worked at McDonald's for seven years and has been named employee of the week and of the month. At a recent job review they told her they wished every employee worked as hard she did.

Kristin also volunteered at the Roundtree branch of the Ypsilanti [Mich.] District Library before it closed. She has played the piano for the last 15 years and is active at church.

Kristin's model of hard work and determination was recognized when she became one of two secondary students to receive the 1995 Governor's Education Honor Roll Award.

Kristin uses her maximum potential to accomplish what she has--I don't know if many of us can say that.


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