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Welcome to Luther's Coffeehouse

N.Y. church serves up coffee and the gospel

It's like a Lutheran nightclub," said David Almleaf, pastor of Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Utica, N.Y.

Almleaf was speaking of Luther's Coffeehouse, the smoke- and alcohol-free club located in Our Saviour's basement.

Lutheran Men in Mission members Carl Schleicher and David Iamele proposed the idea as a way for this downtown congregation to reach out to the community in a fun and inviting way.

Dedicated in October, the coffeehouse is open the first Saturday of each month to more than 65 people, offering a pleasant alternative to the bar scene.

The coffeehouse offers coffee (of course), a cabaret-style setting, a variety of entertainment and great fellowship — all for free.

The logo for Luther's Coffeehouse appropriately features a likeness of Martin Luther. This logo appears on every coffeehouse mug, which coffee aficionados can buy for $5 each.


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