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Led by a child

The family was nervous. And the whole congregation was curious. No one could remember seeing an entire family being baptized. The Heath family came to us as a gift. After receiving consistent invitations during the last four years, the family began worshiping around Christmas 1995. Lynn's son, Sky, the 9-year-old, began bugging his mom and sister, Chee-Chee, to get up on Sundays to go to church."

When Chee-Chee had her baby, the family inquired about baptizing her. In our first pre-baptismal counseling session, it became apparent that no one in the family had been baptized. I encouraged the baptism not only for the baby but for themselves. At the second meeting they agreed and set the date.

First Lynn was baptized, then her daughter Chee-Chee, followed by Sky and Chee-Chee's infant daughter, Dominique. Applause broke out and we shared the peace of Christ.

Before he was baptized Sky told me, "When I am baptized I will be one of God's children so the light can shine on me so everyone can know I am a child of God."


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