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The men of Trinity Lutheran Church, Rice Lake, Wis., showed their appreciation to the women who serve the congregation — assisting ministers, lectors, greeters, teachers, choir members, quilters, food providers and more — by planning, preparing and serving a fancy dinner. The women we re treated to dinner music and presented with pink roses at the end of the evening.

Members of Grace Lutheran Church, Elyria, Ohio, on an annual Caribbean cruise sponsored by their pastor, Peter Mealwitz, stopped at St. Croix Island to deliver blankets made by the congregation's children. They also gave a $1,200 gift to Lutheran Social Services of the Virgin Islands to aid the victims of Hurricane Marilyn.

At Church of the Savior, Williamsport, Pa., the annual block party is advertised not as a fund raiser, but a "friend raiser" to get to know the people in the neighborhood. Last year the church joined forces with nearby Central Baptist Church to entertain the community with free activities and inexpensive food.

Members of a mission start — New Creation Lutheran Church, Ottawa, Ohio — received an unexpected and generous gift. In honor of its 125th anniversary, St. John Lutheran Church, Celina, Ohio, gave $125,000 to New Creation, which will use the money to help build their first church.

Dan Bollerud, pastor of Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church, Anchorage, Alaska, is a man of his word. Leading a drive to collect coffee for Bean's Cafe, a local shelter, he promised the congregation that when "this pulpit is filled with coffee, you won't have to listen to a sermon." The next Sunday he found 57 cans of coffee piled around the pulpit. The congregation spent 20 minutes singing songs from With One Voice.


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