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Oh deer!

Timely idea helps farmers, hunters feed the hungry

As Rick Wilson drove along a country road, he spotted a dilapidated car with its trunk open. A woman in a tattered dress and three small children stood nearby, seemingly in distress. Wilson stopped to help, assuming she had car trouble.

Her emotional request: "Could you please help me over here in the bushes?" Wilson cautiously followed the woman, who led him to a road-killed six-point buck.

"Could you please help me put it in my trunk?" she asked. Wilson suggested first reporting the deer to the state police to avoid getting a ticket. "I don't care," she exclaimed tersely. "My kids and I are hungry."

Wilson complied, and as she drove away he decided he had to do something. But what?

Two years later, with the support of his church, Christ Lutheran in Hagerstown, Md., and an ELCA grant, he started Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry.

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